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The twenty years between 1945 and 1965 came to be known as the "Hot Rod Era" because the restoration of old cars became almost like the national sport of the United States. Everyone wanted a hot rod and that era spawned multiple different styles and types of hot rod cars.

"Hot Rod" is the name given to any vintage car, but it especially refers to a Ford that has been improved to enhance performance by reducing the weight of the vehicle. For this reason, most hot rods have minimalistic chassis with no roof, hood, windscreens or fenders. At times, the original engines of the car are also remove and replaced with lighter more efficient ones to raise the highest speed capacity of the vehicle. The modeling of a hot rod was considered a work of art and thus individuals loved to exhibit their re-done cars to the public. This generally happened at informal meets and short-distance, alleyway races until the year 1951

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